I love building things! To start with raw materials and create something original is pure fun. I like the challenge of figuring out the how-to and when it's all said and done there's a feeling of connection to a better part within me. I especially love to up-cycle and when I have all the materials I need without buying anything to complete a project, I'm in a state of grace. Life can be just that perfect sometimes!

This page features projects and the basic know-how of putting these things together. Inspiration is never lacking but gathering the photos and instructions is a work in progress!


The Blue Shelf      

One thing that's definitely permitted is that girls can change their mind. The farmhouse came with a utility room- 7.5' x 7.5', which is not a whole lot of space, but fit a washing machine, furnace and freezer. I didn't need a freezer and the furnace was on it's last legs so once they were gone, the room was dubbed the laundry. Upon close inspection, the washing machine that came with the house was a little cruddy, so I got rid of it, too. In the interim, it's become a catch-all room. I've started to think of this space- this teeny, tiny space- as a craft room. But this required organization! READ MORE    1 May 2017  


The C Table -  Is the "C" for Couch or Computer?


You've just got to love it when you realize you have all the materials you need to build something you've wanted for a while. Such was the case when I came across 4 black L-brackets in my "junk" drawer- just what I needed for the laptop table I wanted for the farm house.

I had picked up two trim boards (1 x 4 x  8') from a collection of gray shiplap specialty wood from Home Depot, just because it was good looking and may come in handy sometime. It's hard to find real barn wood that has weathered to a natural gray. Many years ago I was gifted with a nice slab of cherry which I had been saving for a special project. Now with the L-brackets, it was time to put something together.

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Inspiration Board


One of my winter hobbies is to try and find practical uses for the stuff that accumulates– you know what I mean, stuff that you really don’t need or want but can’t throw away? In the DIY (Do It Yourself) world, it’s called up-cycling.

I started with a 24” x 30” black picture frame and thought it could be repurposed into an inspiration board with clothes pins (I had some very small ones) and wire to hold pictures. I got rid of the glass and backing, painted the frame gray, and drilled small

holes on the sides and strung the wire through, stapling it on the back.

But I wasn't happy with it.... what to do?

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