The Garden at the Farm in the Pines   


For some, gardening is the best hobby there is. Fresh air, exercise and the promise of a beautiful harvest is more than enough reason to create a corner of the earth which is your own. But the satisfaction is deeper, more centralized in your core- being in a garden is at once exciting and calming.

The Garden at the Farm in the Pines was started in 2016 to include a 170 cane planting of raspberries and a lavender patch in an area about 12' x 8'. In 2017 the Potager was added as a garden room. Organic vegetables, herbs and flowers are easily accessible for cooking, storing or crafting. 2018 expansion will include a perma-culture garden, established for flowers, herbs and interesting plants- a place to experiment with perma-culture practices and more unusual plant varieties.I think of it as the delightful and the delicious.   


Build a Hot Frame for Earlier Plantings




With spring on my mind, I want to plant many plants for the farm garden so they are ready to plant after the last frost. A colder than average March and early April this year put all my plans on hold until I decided to build a Hot Frame to grow them in. You can build one too!

For instructions, CLICK HERE. 

Installing a Simple Deer Fence


In our neighborhood, protecting plants from ravenous deer is a challenge we all face. It didn't take long and for just about $35., I made a safe place for my statice to grow. I got a great harvest and never worried about the deer.  It's adaptable so it can be made taller to use for protecting tomatoes, peppers or other garden veggies.



Designing a Garden Room




There's always opportunity when designing a new garden to make it beautiful, functional or both! That's what was on my mind when I designed the potager garden at the farm. For tips and tricks to maximize your space while keeping the work load managable,  CLICK HERE.

Planning For 2018





Give up "resolutions" this year in favor of goal setting.  Easy-to-impliment tips on how to get the most in the New Year and plan to make your dreams a reality. Farm planning can be adapted to any goal and for me, it starts with a call for action.

To make 2018 the best year yet, READ MORE.