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My  DIY  House and Garden at the Farm in the Pines


Everyone has dreams. I dreamed of a farm...with raspberries.... where I could do just about what I wanted everyday. Where I could play at being an artist, grow delicious and healthy vegetables, build stuff and let my imaginings come to life.  In 2016, I decided to do it- at 67 years old, why wait?  

Once the decision was made, I scoured real estate listings on-line. The property must be more than one acre, be within 3 hours of my home, and have a house with good water and a solid roof. And it had to feel right. When I first saw this property, surrounded by huge pine trees, with a one acre clearing and a house that was dilapidated beyond description, I have to say I was a bit hesitant. It's beautiful but maybe more of a challenge than I thought I could take on. In the days after the initial preview, I slowly changed my mind and fell in love with the land and the possibilities. The Farm in the Pines is a great joy for me- to maintain and improve, to develop and share, a place to really feel at home.
2016 was mostly about the house, establishing a raspberry patch and lavender garden. The renovation was exhausting and exhilerating and mostly complete within a year. 2017 saw a garden room addition to the house- a potager of sorts- for fresh vegetables, perennials and outdoor seating for guests. In 2018 a perma/no till  planting of market flowers, squashes and herbs was added. It's hard to stop as long as there is ground to fill!
My name is Sandy and I have worked as an interior decorator, couture seamstress, contractor, house flipper, herbalist, baker and Realtor. This is the story of how and where all the pieces of my life come together, naturally.                        


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