Birdseed Birdhouse



I'm always looking for projects to make with children especially if it can promote good citizenship. Nothing like combining an afternoon of fun with a great message! In this case,  compassion for wild life is the message and kids of all ages enjoy coming together to make this project.


The supplies needed are:

A pre-built,  unfinished wood bird house from the craft store. The simplier the better. Costs range from

$5 - 8.00.


An assortment of bird seed- either individually packaged by variety or a mix is okay.

Dried raisins and dried cranberries

A jar of peanut butter per bird house

Knives for spreading the peanut butter

A large paper plate

Heavy string.


Before you begin the project, drill 2 holes in the roof so a string can be added later to use as a hanger.



Work with the birdhouse sitting on a paper plate. Once the birdhouse is slathered with peanut butter, this will get messy! It will be easier to turn the plate to work on the sides and back than to turn the birdhouse.


Using the knife, spread peanut butter on one wall of the birdhouse, about 1/4" thick.


There are several ways to apply the birdseed to the birdhouse. You can "rain it down" or hold a side almost flat and sprinkle birdseed on the peanut butter, then pat it in so the peanut butter holds it. Or you could put bird seed in an aluminum lasgna pan and press the birdhouse into the seed. However you decide, the idea is to cover the birdhouse with seeds.


Repeat on the other walls. Doing one side at a time makes it easier to handle the birdhouse without getting messy with peanut butter.


Then do the roof- be sure to leave the drilled holes open and clear so string can be put through later.


Use raisins and dried cranberries to outline roof lines, opening holes and faux windows for special effects.


When the birdhouse is covered with seed, run the string though the pre-drilled holes to create a hanger. Some folks like to use the string to hold sprigs of evergreen or shafts of wheat for a little decoration. Birds will eat the wheat seeds too!


The finished birdhouse can be hung on a branch or on a shepard's hook in the yard. The peanut butter will freeze, but birds can peck through it and enjoy seeds all season long.



This project appeals to children of all ages!



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