The Garden at the Farm in the Pines   


For some, gardening is the best hobby there is. Fresh air, exercise and the promise of a beautiful harvest is more than enough reason to create a corner of the earth which is your own. But the satisfaction is deeper, more centralized in your core- being in a garden is at once exciting and calming.

The Garden at the Farm in the Pines was started in 2016 to include a 170 cane planting of raspberries and a lavender patch in an area about 12' x 8'. In 2017 the Potager was added as a garden room. Organic vegetables, herbs and flowers are easily accessible for cooking, storing or crafting. Our 2018 expansion includes a perma-culture garden, established for flowers, herbs and interesting plants- a place to experiment with perma-culture practices and more unusual plant varieties.  I think of it as the delightful and the delicious. 


To see how the garden deveoped in 2017, CLICK HERE.

Follow the garden in 2018- CLICK HERE.


The garden also gives me an opportunity to be creative and resourceful. Here are a few craft projects that have added to the beauty of the gardens at the Farm in the Pines.  


Garden Trugs



Call it a harvest basket, gatherer or trug, being able to harvest your garden easily is something we all want. This easy-to-make basket holds a lot of fresh vegetables and you can rinse them off with a hose before bringing them inside for processing. To make one yourself, CLICK HERE

Garden Topiaries





With just a few "found objects" from my garage, I had all I needed to make these fun garden topiaries. Easy to make, easy to install and when covered with thumbergia, really bring height to the garden.

Make them yourself HERE

Garden Benches





You can never have enough benches in the garden and it's fun to make them. Having a chance to sit in the garden and enjoy the beauty of nature is my favorite place to be. To make some, CLICK HERE.

Drying Rack for Flowers and Herbs






What to do when the garden explodes? Make a convenient place to dry flowers and herbs! This drying rack is made from sticks and takes up very little space. To make one, CLICK HERE.

Lavender Wands




A fragrant and long lasting garden gift, lavender wands must be made when lavender is fresh cut. It's a delicate reminder of the garden all year long. To make one, CLICK HERE.

My Mini-Greenhouse



It's not pretty to look at, but this "hot frame" was a quick build and allowed me to start more than 700 plants for the spring planting at the farm. Stock lumber and tools you probably have can increase your garden productivity and get your green thumb ready for spring. For the how-to, CLICK HERE.  

Bird Seed Bird House






A fun project for the whole family and your feathered friends will love it! Peanut butter and birdseed combine to make a tempting bird treat. For instructions, CLICK HERE.

Deer Fence for a Small Garden



There's just no end to the critters that will love to nibble on your most precious plants and a small fence is easy to install. For a quick intro to  protecting your crops, CLICK HERE.