Garden Topiaries

It's a perfect day to share an easy DIY project that was totally free for me. When I cleaned out the garage, among the many things I found which had been totally forgotten, were 3 tomato cages and 3 finials. Two of the finials had been cut from the tops of fence posts which had rotted at the ground. They were in rough shape, but very rustic.

The third was an old curtain rod end- equally rough. When I put them on the table, I thought "hmmmm, 3 and 3, maybe they belong together".

After sanding the finials, I drilled holes into the bottom of the finials with a drill bit that matched the thickness of the tomato cage wire. The hole had to be at a slight angle toward top center so the ends of the tomato cage slipped in nicely.

When I was sure the angle of the hole was right, I squirted silicone into the holes, attached the finials again, and let them dry overnight. The silicone acts as a weather proof glue.

I spray painted them a brilliant turquoise color and planted them in the garden with wire clothes hangers bent to make stakes to keep them in the ground. 


 Thunbergia  looks like a miniature black-eyed Susan and I had started seeds for another planting and thought they would be a perfect climber for these garden topiaries. What do you think?

It's always extremely fun to make something from found objects!


PS- Home Depot carries wood finials in the fencing department, used to cap off fence posts. They were under $4.00 each in 6/2018

Please feel free to share with your crafty, DIY and gardening friends.
Thank you