Inspiration Board ~  12 May 2017

One of my winter hobbies is to try and find practical uses for the stuff that accumulates– you know what I mean, stuff that you really don’t need or want but can’t throw away? In the DIY (Do It Yourself) world, it’s called up-cycling.

I started with a 24” x 30” black picture frame and thought it could be repurposed into an inspiration board with clothes pins (I had some very small ones) and wire to hold pictures. I got rid of the glass and backing, painted the frame gray, and drilled small holes on the sides and strung the wire through, stapling it on the back.



I thought it was finished, and I was just to the part where I was going to paint my farm name on the frame when I decided I didn’t like it. It wasn’t beefy enough- neither country or rustic, industrial or contemporary. It just didn’t please me– and so it sat for several months, hung on the wall, undone.

Finally, all the parts came together.

To make it a little bolder, I changed out the clothes pins to larger, gray stained ones and used 5/8” eye hooks on the front, instead of threading the wire through to the back. With just this small change, the frame looked more substantial.

I remembered I had some wood cut-outs and was delighted to find they could be combined to depict a scene from the area near my farm. These would work to lend some color and design to the piece and give it a folk art feel.


I didn’t fuss too much with the painting. I gave it a “Grandma Moses” flat finish with no shading. I used hot glue to attach the decorations on the bottom of the frame.


















I like it now because it relates to my farm experience. I’ve seen 2 bear cubs about 2 miles from my house! For me, it’s handy as an inspiration board– I just clip photos from the internet of projects I want to do, sometime. But for Grandparents, it’s a fun way to keep the most recent snap shots of the grandkids, knowing you’ll want to change them out frequently. Decorated for Christmas, it could hold your most beautiful Christmas cards. Maybe as a holder for get well or birthday cards for someone who likes to be surrounded with well wishes?

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